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Hey I am Surender, an engineer by profession and a jack of all trades by passion. I am a brown belt in Karate and a semi-pro swimmer. I am also an avid reader (190+ books as of July 2018), fantasy being my favorite genre.


I have been working with web technologies since early 2013 and managing server & code architectures since early 2014 so that makes me a sort of psuedo veteran in the paradigm. I have worked with small and medium sized startups where I frequently built systems from the scratch and then iteratively expanded them to scale up.

I started working with (not for) Google in 2016 and got introduced to some really amazing technologies and standards. I am especially a fan of their development pipelines, single repository source control system and impressive coding standards.


I am a full stack developer and a tech enthusiast who likes to tinker with all kinds of technologies in my free time ranging from frontend to backend to server architectures to standalone applications. Recently I got enamored with neural networks and am currently playing around with it.

I have tried to bring the coding standards used at Google in all my personal projects and the results have been truly amazing.

Contact Me

While I live in the National Capital Region (NCR) of India, I would love to hear from people all over the planet. I can be found on: